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Law firm & Mediation

Audrey RAVENSWAAY, Lawyer and Mediator

Legal advice and services


Whether for a private person or a company, for specific or general support, an experienced legal counsel may be useful and even necessary.



I offer to draft a contract, set up or administrate a company, handle a debt enforcement or a bankruptcy, solve a professional or personal dispute, settle a divorce, and much more (fields of activity), in English, French or Spanish.



My legal advice and services aim at managing existing conflicts and preventing future disputes, notably by as much as possible avoiding long and expensive judicial proceedings.







Mediation is an amicable dispute resolution method, which allows to solve professional or private conflicts (fields of activity).


Mediation aims at facilitating communication between people in conflict to find and implement sustainable solutions.


As a qualified mediator, I act in an independent, impartial and neutral way. Mediation sessions take place in a secure environment and in a confidential manner.


Mediation implies a voluntary commitment of the participants to reach equitable results, in a reasonable period of time and at low cost.


Person of trust


All employers have the obligation to take measures to prevent and manage psychosocial risks in the workplace, in particular by appointing a Person of trust.

Every employee should have direct access to a Person of trust in situations of conflict, harassement (moral or sexual) and discrimination.

The role of the Person of trust is to listen, inform and advise the person suffering from professional distress during an individual and strictly confidential interview.


As a certified Person of trust, I am bound by professional secrecy and act in a caring, neutral and independent manner. 



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