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Law firm & Mediation

Audrey RAVENSWAAY, Lawyer and Mediator


Neighbourly relations


Conflict between neighbours, conflict between lessors and lessee.





Conflict between partners.





Marital conflicts, conflict between parents and teenagers, separation, divorce.





Conflict between heirs.





Conflict between employees, conflict between employees and employer.

Workplace conflict management, psychosocial risks management, implementation of dispute settlement procedures, Person of trust (SECO recommendation).



Company law


Establishment and administration of companies.



Employment law


Contracts, work permits, termination of employment relationships, staff rules and regulations, conflict management.

Tenancy law


Contracts, administration, formal notices, eviction proceedings, lease of cafés and restaurants.



Contract law

Partnership, employment and lease, but also purchase and sales, distribution, loan, agency, commercial agency, work and services, licence, sponsoring, cooperation, confidentiality, general terms and conditions.


Condominium ownership


Administration, conflict between owners.


Debt enforcement and bankruptcy law

Debt collection, debt recovery proceedings, bankruptcy proceedings, monitoring of legal proceedings.

Law of neighbours


Conflict between neighbours.


Divorce settlement


Separation agreements and amicable divorce settlements.


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